AMC Card

CommAgility Ltd, Charnwood Building, Holywell Park, Ashby Road, Loughborough. UK. LE11 3AQ - Manufacturer of DSP and FPGA COTS blades for uTCA and ATCA platforms
The Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC or AMC) card is a small form factor mezzanine card which is defined by a PICMG Standard. The PICMG AMC .0 standard has been devised to provide the requirements for the next generation of "carrier grade" communications equipment. This platform is increasingly being chosen by OEMs over traditional Compact PCI (CPCI), VME, proprietary and other rack mounted systems.
  • 180.6mm x 73.5mm form with up to 28mm height
  • Use in Industry Standard MicroTCA, ATCA & proprietary chassis
  • Interoperate with other off-the-shelf cards for rapid time-to-market
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet, SRIO or PCIe links on backplane
A CommAgility AMC card. This is a single width, full-size card and has the highest performance DSPs on it with MIMO data connected via the backplane's AMC .2 and AMC .4 fabric.
More information available on the PICMG Website

CommAgility specialises in embedded signal processor boards for use in Wireless Baseband (WiMax, LTE & LTE Advanced), Test Equipment, Semiconductor processing, Medical Imaging, Radar and Sonar, avionics and performance computing.

COMMAGILITY - manufacturer of high performance DSP and FPGA AMC cards for embedded digital signal processing