CommAgility products are designed from the outset to provide carrier grade service. To accomplish this consideration is given to manufacturability, testability, signal integrity, operating temperature, the environment and not least - performance.


The products, whilst complex and densely populated use 'standard' PCB and manufacturing techniques to IPC guidelines. This results in a quality, durable and high yielding product.


The complex products are designed so that the test coverage is excellent. A high quality fully-tested product can be shipped to the customer whilst minimising costs (and therefore price).

Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity simulation is conducted using the same integrated toolset as the PCB designer's suite. Constraints are passed seamlessly from schematics to PCB and back again to ensure that the design is implemented as intended.


With NEBS and ETSI requirements in mind, thermal simulation is conducted before the first chips are placed onto the PCB design. This process ensures that the carrier grade product will operate reliably in harsh target environments.


Heatsinks and other mechanical components are engineered using CAD tools to eliminate hotspots and increase reliability.


All products are RoHS compliant.