Experienced Engineers and Systems Architects for Complex Embedded Projects

Time-to-market is critical for any product developer. Your company's successful business case for the product depends on timely release to market. You can't risk your schedule to engineers who use the opportunity to get trained on your project.

Outsourcing engineers can bring in the right experience at the right time to de-risk and lower project cost. CommAgility's team of engineers brings hundreds of years of experience in developing products for tier 1 product manufacturers. 

Our job is to not just understand the product requirements specification, but also the environment in which the product must successfully function. CommAgility can provide the right engineering talent for your project to help make it a success – increasing productivity and reducing risk.

Some of the areas where our team can help your projects: 

  • Telecoms protocol stacks
  • DSP algorithms
  • Embedded architecture definition
  • Project management
  • System integration and debug
  • Software porting
  • Test plan definition and execution

Amongst others, we have experience with:

  • Texas Instruments' wireless DSPs
  • ARM-based microcontrollers
  • Windows, Linux, assorted Real-Time Operating Systems

If you are a product developer and need experienced resources, talk to CommAgility.