Supports Texas Instruments’ Latest Generation Wireless SoC

Duisburg, Germany, 19 February 2013 — mimoOn announced today it is supporting the newest generation of Texas Instruments’ wireless SoCs, the TCI6636, with its complete range of mi!SmallCell™ products. The new mimoOn offering continues to raise the level of performance and quality of Small Cell solutions while lowering the barrier to entry for Small Cell product developers.

The TCI6636 is targeted at ultra high capacity small cell and ‘green power’ macro cell infrastructure applications. The mi!SmallCell product family is planned for availability on the TCI6636 in mid-2013.

The foundation of the software package is mi!SmallCellPHY™, the time-critical physical layer software that efficiently takes advantage of the accelerators and processing power of the eight TI  DSP cores in the TCI6636. Via the Small Cell Forum-defined interface, the PHY connects with mi!SmallCellSTACK™, the upper protocol layers for the LTE basestation. These products comply with the 3GPP Release 9 specification, with evolution to Release 10 planned for late 2013.

Complementing the mi!SmallCellPHY™ and mi!SmallCellSTACK™ offering are a professional services team and the following optional products:

• mi!SmallCellSPECTRUM™, an advanced scheduler
• mi!SmallCellSON™, an integrated Self-Organizing Network agent from Eden Rock Communications
• mi!SmallCellVeriPHY™, a test suite for validating small cell capabilities

“Over the years of working with mimoOn, they have proven not only that they have world class LTE PHY software but also that they have unparalleled systems-level experience that has been quite valuable to Texas Instruments and our customers,” said Sameer Wasson, general manager, communications infrastructure, Texas Instruments. “We are pleased that mimoOn is going to expand its product portfolio on TI technology.”

According to Dirk Friebel, CEO of mimoOn, “With this integrated PHY and stack solution for Texas Instruments’ wireless infrastructure SoCs, mimoOn has established itself as the small cell software leader. We are aggressively investing in product evolution to keep our customers at the forefront of the LTE market.”

About mimoOn

mimoOn GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, is a leading licensor of LTE Software IP for mobile devices & wireless infrastructure. mimoOn's portfolio of products includes Physical Layer  and Protocol Stack (mi!SmallCellPHY™ and mi!SmallCellSTACK™) for small cells (Pico/Femto), Physical Layer for terminals (mi!MobilePHY™), advanced scheduler for small cells (mi!SPECTRUM™), Self-Organizing Network support (mi!SON™) and IP development in the areas of advanced PHY algorithms on multi-core SDR platforms. mimoOn provides a complete porting, optimization and verification service, as well as a roadmap to future 3GPP releases.