Verification Tools Support Small Cell Product Developers

Duisburg, Germany, 19 September 2012 — mimoOn, a leader in LTE software products for software defined radio (SDR) platforms, announced today the release of mi!SmallCellVeriPHY™, a test suite for the verification of 4G-LTE small cell PHY (physical layer) functionality during the product development process.

The suite enables product developers to re-validate the lower software layers after modifications to the hardware platform and in the upper protocol stack to ensure a robust, high-performing end product.

It also removes the need for product engineers to create such validation tools on the fly, significantly saving product development time. mi!SmallCellVeriPHY addresses this testing need in a cost effective manner.

The test suite complements mimoOn’s leading small cell mi!SmallCellPHY™ LTE PHY, mi!SmallCellSTACK™ protocol stack and mi!SmallCellSPECTRUM™ advanced scheduling software solutions. Central to the package is a MAC emulator, which provides the necessary functionality to translate and inject test vector data into the PHY layer. The MAC emulator can be adapted to interface with any Small Cell Forum compliant MAC-PHY interface. Customers may create their own test vectors or license packages offered by mimoOn:

• Uplink and downlink functional testing
• Uplink and downlink RF conformance testing
• PHY layer conformance tests

“Much of the end product quality depends on the low level functionality in the PHY and DSP. PHY level testing is extremely challenging; we have invested in this test suite so product developers can minimize the time and effort put into verifying the low level functionality and spend more time developing differentiating features,” says Jan Westmeijer, mimoOn VP of Product Development.

Analyst house, Infonetics Research predicts small cell deployment will increase to 12 percent in 2012 from 6 percent in 2011, reaching a total value of 2.1 billion USD by 2016; LTE small cells will become the dominant deployed small cell technology by 2015.

mi!SmallCellVeriPHY™ is now available for delivery to small cell product developers. 

About mimoOn

mimoOn GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, is a leading licensor of LTE Software IP for mobile devices & wireless infrastructure.

mimoOn's portfolio of products includes
• Physical Layer (mi!SmallCellPHY™ and mi!MobilePHY™)
• Protocol Stack Layers 2 & 3 for small cells (mi!SmallCellSTACK™)
• IP development in the areas of advanced PHY algorithms on multi-core SDR platforms
• SON (mi!SmallCellSON™)
• Physical Layer verification tool suite (mi!SmallCellVeriPHY™)
• Advanced scheduler (mi!SmallCellSPECTRUM™)
• Radio Resource management 

mimoOn provides a complete porting, optimization and verification service, as well as a roadmap to future 3GPP releases.