AMC-D24A4-RFx DSP AMC module with 4x4 RF and FPGA
  • Texas Instruments TCI6638 SoC DSP
  • Two Texas Instruments TMS320C6678 SoC DSPs
  • Each DSP has 8 cores - 24 DSP cores in total
  • Two or four RF channels, each supporting FDD or TDD 662MHz - 3.84GHz
  • 20Gbps Gen2 RapidIO to AMC.4 compliant backplane
  • 3x SFP+ to FPGA, up to 10.3 Gbaud
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Double width, full-size AMC card
  • A highly integrated AdvancedMC card based on TI’s TCI6638 and TMS320C6678 DSP SoCs plus a large Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA and 2x2 or 4x4 RF

    The AMC-D24A4-RF2/RF4 is an extremely high performance ARM, DSP and FPGA based processing card which includes two or four integrated, flexible, wideband RF transceiver channels.

    The module is aimed at LTE, LTE Advanced and 5G systems that require MIMO technologies and enables complete RF to Layer 3 wireless basestation functionality to be implemented on a single AdvancedMC card.

    The module’s main processor is the TCI6638 KeyStone II DSP/ARM SoC. It includes eight C66x+ DSP cores, as well as four ARM Cortex™-A15 cores for higher layer processing. The module also has two TMS320C6678 octal C66x core DSPs. All processors are closely coupled via TI’s Hyperlink interface and the Ethernet infrastructure of the card with Serial RapidIO (SRIO) backplane connectivity providing inter-card connectivity. There is also a large Kintex-7 FPGA for additional co-processing and to manage the RF interfaces.

    A version with no RF channels, the AMC-D24A4, is also available.

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