CA-K2L-RF2 baseband processing and RF module
  • Two flexible, wideband RF ports
  • Texas Instruments TCI6630K2L DSP SoC
  • 700MHz to 4GHz RF frequency
  • RF bandwidth up to 20MHz
  • CPRI and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • Standalone baseband processing and RF module

    The CA-K2L-RF2 is a high performance ARM and DSP based processing module with two integrated RF transceiver channels. It can be used as a complete baseband and RF small cell solution.

    It supports wireless baseband processing and a 2x2 MIMO air interface in radio test systems and eNodeBs.

    It combines two ARM® Cortex®-A15 cores with four TI C66x+ DSP cores, plus Ethernet and CPRI interfaces. It is supported by CommAgility small cell PHY and stack software.

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