avionics diagramLTE has become the standard of choice for a wide range of networks which were previously proprietary, and is increasingly being applied in specialised areas such as avionics. By basing these networks on well defined, global standards, they benefit from extensive re-use of expertise and protocols from the commercial world.

However, these specialised applications typically cannot use the LTE standard without modifications. Either they use only some parts of the standard, or they require a number of algorithmic and protocol adaptations to deal with a range of problems such as higher latency, higher Doppler shift, specific interference or multiple parallel channels.

CommAgility is involved in projects in a range of specialised network areas where these kinds of adaptations are required. Because we own the IP for the LTE PHY and stack for both eNodeB and UE, and we have the knowledge and expertise to make adaptations, we are the ideal partner for a development of this type.

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