5G Small Cell Standalone gNodeB Platform

CommAgility has over 10 years' experience of implementation and verification of 3GPP specifications to enable small cell and terminal product developers. Because 5G builds on the earlier LTE releases, we can leverage this vast and deep experience to deliver robust, flexible products from individual software blocks, as well as a full, production ready, 5G gNodeB reference design.

We are developing 3GPP standards-compliant 5G NR software, including:

  • UE and gNodeB PHY available as reference chains, providing ultimate flexibility to improve portability and scalability
  • Pre-ported and validated PHY and Stack, delivering an IP hardware and software block for integration into your silicon design
  • Pre-integrated PHY and Stack on silicon devices, for immediate use in your wireless product development
  • Full source code availability and design services for tailored applications

Our SmallCellCORE-5G software provides a 5G Core (5GC) for 5G small cells and private networks.

We are also creating a complete 3GPP Rel-15 software solution for small cells based on SoC baseband devices.

As well as the core 5G NR software IP blocks, CommAgility provides production ready reference solutions with integrated and validated 5G software. CommAgility's integrated 5G NR gNodeB is based on NXP SoC devices – NXP Layerscape® for the Protocol Stack, and NXP Layerscape Access for the PHY - to achieve optimum performance and cost.

Alongside RAN software development, CommAgility is developing a complementary range of hardware solution platforms, from board level to a complete, production ready gNodeB.

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5G Ref gNodeB NXP Development Platform

Complete 5G Protocol Stack

5G small cell base station (gNodeB) implementation of PHY layer for NXP wireless devices

5G gNodeB, UE PHY Reference Chains

5G core (5GC) for small cells and private networks