System based on AMC-2C6670 and AMC-RF2x2 AdvancedMC modules

Loughborough, UK – February 15th, 2012 - CommAgility announced today that WizYa Technologies has demonstrated a complete LTE eNodeB system for advanced wireless networks, running on its AMC-2C6670 and AMC-RF2x2 AdvancedMC modules. By integrating the proven system or its components into their LTE designs, wireless equipment manufacturers will be able to cut time to market and development effort.

The LTE eNodeB system is comprised of WizYa's high-performance Layer-1 implementation, which supports CPRI connectivity between CommAgility's AMC-2C6670 and AMC-RF2x2 modules. The implementation is integrated with a third party Layer-2/3 protocol stack. Interoperability was verified with commercial LTE user equipment (UE), as well as with industry standard tools and test equipment.

WizYa's Layer-1 implementation is optimised from the ground up for Texas Instruments’ KeyStone-based TMS320C66x generation of high-performance multicore DSPs, extensively utilising on-chip accelerators, Navigator hardware queues, and high-speed interfaces such as Serial RapidIO.

The implementation is designed with modularity in mind, and supports all LTE bandwidth configurations up to 20MHz, including FDD and TDD, with up to 4x4 MIMO and multiple carriers. It can be customised in response to customer requirements for various applications including macro/micro, pico, and femto eNodeBs.

Ran Yaniv, CTO and co-founder at WizYa Technologies, said: "CommAgility’s no-compromise product quality and feature richness is the perfect match for our software, enabling us to develop and prove a tested, pre-integrated solution."Edward Young, managing director at CommAgility, said: "We are extremely impressed with what WizYa has achieved using our AMC products in a very short space of time. This combination of hardware and software in this partnership offers a proven solution which will reduce time to market for our LTE customers."

The AMC-2C6670 is a high performance signal processing AMC card for 4G wireless baseband and test equipment solutions, including LTE and LTE Advanced. It includes two Texas Instruments TMS320C6670 DSPs with an option for SFP+ connections direct to the AIF2 interface of one DSP to support CPRI. The module provides a Xilinx Virtex-6 LX240T FPGA, and an IDT CPS-1848 Gen2 SRIO switch provides a 20Gbps per port Serial RapidIO (SRIO) infrastructure. An integrated GPS receiver for timing synchronisation is also available.

The AMC-RF2x2 is a wideband, highly flexible dual channel RF card in AMC form for LTE and LTE Advanced applications, which provides 2x2 MIMO on a single card. The standard hardware provides two matched RF ports supporting both FDD and TDD modes across all the LTE and LTE Advanced bands, with bandwidths from 1.4MHz through to 40MHz. A CPRI interface for RF data allows connection to a wide range of baseband implementations, with module control via Ethernet or CPRI.

Edward Young, managing director of CommAgility, will be at Mobile World Congress – please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to arrange a meeting with him.

About CommAgility
CommAgility is a leading manufacturer of signal processing AMC modules for wireless baseband applications, combining flexible CPRI/OBSAI antenna interfaces, the latest TI DSPs and Xilinx FPGAs, and high bandwidth on and off-card communications using Serial RapidIO and Ethernet. Customers around the world use CommAgility products to develop high performance applications in both wireless and non-wireless spaces, and recent designs include test equipment, trial systems and base stations for a wide range of wireless standards especially WiMAX, LTE and LTE Advanced.

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About WizYa Technologies
WizYa Technologies, Ltd. (, a privately held company located in Ra'anana, Israel, develops innovative solutions for the 4th generation cellular market. WizYa Technologies' optimized LTE Layer-1 and system technology is suitable for integration in a wide range of products such as eNodeBs and test equipment.

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