Parsippany, New Jersey, USA – October 27, 2021 – Wireless Telecom Group (NYSE American: WTT) announced today that its CommAgility brand has introduced a new indoor 5G Small Cell standalone gNodeB reference platform. The SC-RF2-5Gn78 combines the Company’s industry-leading SmallCellPHY-5G and SmallCellSTACK-5G software along with its baseband and RF hardware based on NXP’s Layerscape® and Layerscape Access SoCs. This solution is pre-integrated and tested to reduce risk and effort.

CommAgility software is currently deployed in a variety of 5G technology development projects including 5G mmWave repeaters, 5G base stations and small cells, U.S. Department of Defense 5G research projects, and private network deployment. The new platform provides a 5G gNodeB basestation, which can be used as a complete small cell solution. 

“The SC-RF2-5Gn78 provides a 5G small cell development platform that can significantly cut time-to-market, reduce risk, and form the basis of a final product design,” said Edward Young, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at CommAgility. “These capabilities, shown in previous end-to-end connectivity demonstrations using our 5G Reference gNodeB, SmallCellPHY-5G and SmallCellSTACK-5G software have enabled our current 5G customers to accelerate their development and deployment of 5G solutions.”

The SC-RF2-5Gn78 includes two high quality, flexible, 40MHz bandwidth RF channels, supporting 2x2 MIMO downlink operation. Based on NXP’s Layerscape and Layerscape Access processors, the platform combines 16 Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores with NXP VSPA DSP cores, security and wireless accelerators. Future upgrades will support greater bandwidths and more channels, giving higher throughput. As a collaboration partner with NXP for its Layerscape Access processors, CommAgility can provide class-leading services and excellent support to others developing and deploying 5G products using the NXP platform. CommAgility can also customize its 5G software to the specific needs of each project, which simplifies development, cuts time to market and reduces risk.

The comprehensive CommAgility software portfolio for 5G NR development includes pre-ported and validated PHY and Stack software, a 5G core, and Physical Layer reference chains. This simplifies the development of 5G small cells and private networks, with the software’s flexible architecture making integration easier with hardware accelerators and libraries. Versions are available for both 5G gNodeB and UE product developers. As well as the SC-RF2-5Gn78, CommAgility also offers the 5G Reference gNodeB, a pre-integrated reference design.