CommAgility was at the forefront of LTE silicon implementation and aims to be so in 5G. Our experience allows us to assist with architecture dimensioning. We can also act as a 3GPP consultancy for your SoC design team.

We are developing 3GPP standards-compliant 5G NR software, including:

  • UE and gNodeB PHY available as reference chains, providing ultimate flexibility to improve portability and scalability
  • Pre-ported and validated PHY and Stack, delivering an IP hardware and software block for integration into your silicon design
  • Pre-integrated PHY and Stack on silicon devices, for immediate use in your wireless product development
  • Full source code availability and design services for tailored applications

We are also creating a complete 3GPP Rel-15 software solution for small cells based on SoC baseband devices, beginning with Xilinx FPGAs.

Alongside PHY and Stack development, CommAgility is developing a complementary range of hardware solution platforms, such as CA-D8A4-RF4.

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